Blushing Bees

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Introducing the Blushing Bees Wildride Toddler Carrier – a must-have for adventurous parents and their little explorers! Engineered for comfort, safety, and style, this exclusive toddler carrier is designed to make every outdoor adventure a memorable and enjoyable experience for both you and your child.

Crafted from high-quality, durable materials, the carrier ensures long-lasting performance while providing optimal support for your toddler. The adjustable straps and ergonomic design guarantee a customized fit, allowing you to comfortably carry your little one during shopping, nature walks, or family outings.

Safety is our top priority. The Exclusive Wildride Toddler Carrier features reinforced seams, and premium buckles to keep your child snug and secure throughout your journey. The carrier also boasts a padded shoulder for your carrying comfort, making it the perfect accessory for on-the-go families.

But that's not all – style meets functionality with our exclusive design. Stand out on your adventures with a sleek and modern carrier that reflects your sense of style. The Wildride carrier is not just a practical tool; it's a fashion statement for active families.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create lasting memories with your little one. Order your Exclusive Wildride Toddler Carrier today and embark on a journey of comfort, safety, and style with your adventurous toddler by your side.

The carrier is suitable for children from 9 months - 4 years (Max 20 kg)

The lilac strap is made from nylon.
The inside fabric is 100% cotton.
The Blushing Bees outer shell is an eco jacquard made of 100% recycled polyester.