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Wildride Toddler Carrier

A walk in the woods, a long stroll on the beach or a trip to a museum; there are plenty of times to think of when a toddler carrier is the perfect solution. A toddler sling carrier is easy to take to places you can't reach with a buggy/stroller. Be inspired by the convenience and ergonomic comfort of the toddler baby carrier. From now on lifting, putting down and carrying your little toddler is effortless and painless.  

Discover the toddler carrier from Wildride

Do you love to go hiking with your little one? Experience the benefits of the toddler carrier from Wildride. This is the ultimate successor to the well-known belly or back carrier. The Wildride toddler sling carrier is specially designed for toddlers. The lightweight material and durable, trendy designs make a toddler sling carrier ideal for any parent. Our toddler carrier is the ideal solution if you can't bring a stroller with you.

Toddler baby carrier in different designs

At Wildride, we want to be responsive to every moment. That's why the toddler sling carrier comes in many different prints. Depending on your personal style, type of trip you are going to take and the season, choose the perfect toddler baby carrier. For a walk in the park, forest or on the beach, our evergreens are great. This line of toddler sling carriers come in beautiful basic colors. Are you a big fan of (animal) prints? Then check out our series of toddler carriers in leopard print or with a zebra design. Looking for a toddler baby carrier with a luxurious feel? Then our line of deluxe carriers is right for you. A toddler carrier in soft velvet or teddy material, or opt for an air one in linen. A more robust, rugged look is created with a carrier in ribbed material. You'll find the ideal toddler sling carrier for every adventure at Wildride.

Easy baby carrier for toddlers

Another beneficial feature of a toddler baby carrier for a toddler is the fact that you can use the carrier for a long time. Your growing child can be lifted into the carrier with ease. The Wildride can carry from 9 months up to 4 years or 20 kilos/40 pounds. No more fussing with an awkward baby carriage on the sandy beach or in a crowded museum gallery. From now on, the child carrier for a toddler is the mode of transportation for any adventure. Fold the toddler carrier and take it with you in the car, on your bike or in your bag on the way on the train. Do you sometimes have back or arm pain after lifting your little one? Thanks to the ergonomic design of the Wildride, this is a thing of the past. From now on, lifting, putting down and carrying your little toddler is effortless and painless. Experience the comfort of this holiday essential yourself and head out with your little one.   

About our toddler carrier

Wildride is a 100% Dutch design brand. Each of our toddler carriers is made according to a sustainable production process. Moreover, the toddler baby carriers are made of pure cotton. For the production process we use a minimum of plastics and this is also the case for the packaging material. The latest trends in materials and prints are clearly reflected in our collection of toddler baby carriers, matching bags and pouches. Do you like to travel by bike with your little one? Our toddler bike carrier is quick and easy to take along on your bike ride.

Want to learn more about toddler carriers? Feel free to contact us. Our team will gladly tell you more about the different baby carriers