Every young parent knows that moment. You are out and about with your little one and your toddler can't (or won't) walk anymore. You lift the child on your hip and continue walking or shopping. Ten minutes later - you have already changed sides three times - your arms are sour and your back hurts from the unnatural counterbalancing. And of course, it's still quite a distance to your destination....


Exactly this happened to Joost Hultink once again as he walked along the beach with his young children in 2020. He was fed up. Surely there had to be a solution to this problem? Back home, he took a surf strap and provisionally made a carrier out of it, which he hung diagonally over his shoulder. And in which he turned out to be able to carry his youngest just fine on his hip. He called his good friend Britt Schoorl, who often carried her daughter in a shopper bag. That was the starting point of a long product development process. And of an exhilarating rollercoaster ride that came to be called Wildride, which would take Joost and his partners Britt and Emilie to dozens of countries all over the world!


The result of the hundreds of hours of designing, engineering, testing, and improvement that followed that summer beach day, is a carefully designed on-the-go carrier for toddlers. Exhaustively tested by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and industrial designers, the design is suitable for children from 9 months to 20 kilos (about 4 years). The SGS-certified carrier (both ASTM and CEN/TR) consists of a fabric shell in which the child sits comfortably and supported. The bucket is attached to a wide strap, which is worn diagonally over the other shoulder with a soft shoulder pad. For added convenience, that strap has a secure plastic buckle at chest height, which you can easily open and close with one hand. Wildride's patented design offers parents ergonomic and comfortable carrying comfort in numerous stylish designs and fabrics. New designs are added to the collection every six months. What makes the Wildride carrier unique is that - unlike front or back carriers - you can interact with your child eye-to-eye and see the same thing together. So you have real quality time with your little one, without pain or physical problems.

Online media strategist Joost Hultink was at the cradle of Wildride with his surf strap. Britt Schoorl, with her background as a fashion designer, knew how to turn his idea into a smart, safe, and fashionable product for young parents worldwide. She designed the first carrier and developed the powerful Wildride brand identity. Since then, Britt has been responsible for product design and development, and the Instagram channel, which is very important and successful for the brand. Joost manages and develops the global e-commerce platform. After the successful launch of Wildride in 2021, entrepreneur Emilie Tabor received a Wildride carrier as a gift in 2022. She was so impressed that she contacted Joost and Britt. They soon realized that Emilie, with her international experience, network, and vision, would be the perfect addition to their team. Emilie is now responsible for business development, the B2B network, and the international roll-out.


In just three years, Wildride has grown from an idea to an internationally established brand. Its premium carriers are picked up by young parents, influencers, and celebs worldwide, from Canada to Japan and from the Nordics to South Africa. Its premium design solves a universal problem experienced by young parents across cultures, continents, and time zones. As a close and complementary team, Britt, Emilie, and Joost continue to pioneer, on their mission to make the lives
of young parents easier. So the end of this wild and adventurous ride is nowhere in sight!