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Wildride ribbed fabric toddler carrier

Do you enjoy strolling through the city or on the beach with your toddler or little one? The Wildride ribbed fabric toddler carrier offers ergonomic comfort and is ideal for taking your toddler to places that are hard to reach with a stroller. The Wildride is a carrier specially designed for toddlers and young children. The soft ribbed baby carrier is perfect for the winter season or special occasions. And of course, your child’s safety comes first. Our toddler carriers provide ergonomic comfort and are easy to clean after every adventure with your little one.

Do you prefer a classic black corduroy toddler carrier, or is our velvet carrier more your thing?

Discover a ribbed toddler carrier at Wildride

Our corduroy baby carrier is perfect for any parent who wants to carry their toddler with ease. The ribbed fabric toddler carriers at Wildride are ergonomic, meaning that your child has a good posture in the carrier, and also comfortable for you to use. This is especially nice when going for long walks with your toddler. Every parent recognizes this: full enthusiasm, your child starts walking, enjoying the leaves and branches on the ground. It wants to do everything by themselves, but then tiredness kicks in and your child loses all interest. That’s when you have to start carrying them. The ergonomic ribbed fabric baby carrier from Wildride is the perfect solution for situations like these, since it’s put on quickly and very easy to use. Moreover, your child’s weight is evenly distributed over your body. Therefore, you won’t strain your back and your child can rest comfortably. The carrier is suitable for toddlers aged 9 months to 4 years, weighing up to 20 kilograms.

For comfortable adventures with your child, a ribbed fabric toddler carrier is the perfect solution!

Choose a toddler carrier that suits you

Baby carriers come in many variations. It’s essential that you feel comfortable carrying your toddler. Therefore, choose a baby carrier that matches your personal style and that your toddler enjoys being carried in. At Wildride, you’ll find different types of baby and toddler carriers that perfectly fit your style. We do not only have corduroy toddler carriers, but also carriers made of waffle fabric, linen, and velvet. Also, you can choose between a basic toddler carrier or a model with a nice print.

Order your comfortable ribbed fabric toddler carrier at Wildride

The main advantage of a ribbed fabric toddler carrier is that your toddler can enjoy the surroundings peacefully. You can move your arms freely and get a better posture while carrying your child. Besides our high-end corduroy baby carriers, you’ll find matching accessories at Wildride, such as a convenient rib pouch to store diapers, wipes and pacifiers.

Planning an adventure with your baby or toddler? Order our ribbed fabric toddler carrier and enjoy your walk!